Wired Gaming Headsets for Different Gaming Platforms: Which is Best?

Are you tired of subpar audio quality during your intense gaming sessions? Look no further than the world of wired gaming headsets. With a variety of options tailored to different platforms and preferences, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect headset for your needs.

In this post, we’ll break down the top wired gaming headsets for popular platforms such as PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and help you make an informed decision on which one is best suited for your unique experience. Get ready to level up your game with crystal clear sound and optimal comfort – let’s dive in!

What are Wired Gaming Headsets?

A wired gaming headset is one of the best ways to get an immersive gaming experience. Wired gaming headsets come with built-in audio cables that connect the headset to your computer or console. This means that you don’t need to bother with extra cables or adapters, and you can move around freely while playing without fear of pulling the cable.

There are a few different types of wired gaming headsets available on the market today. You can choose between supraaural and circumaural headsets. Supraaural headphones have ear cups that are above your ears, while circumaural headphones have ear cups that surround your ears.

Both styles of headsets provide an immersive experience, but circumaural headsets are generally considered to be more comfortable.

Another factor to consider when choosing a wired gaming headset is the platform on which you plan to use it. If you plan to use your headset with a PC, check out jet insurgents stereo pc gaming headset review 6804549 for some of the best options available.

If you’re playing on a console, our top picks include the PlayStation 4 Headset and Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Chroma V2 Gaming Headset for Xbox One.

Once you’ve selected your preferred style of headset and platform, it’s time to look at the individual features that each type offers. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to decide which ones are most important to you before making your purchase. Some key features to consider include

Types of Wired Gaming Headsets

There are many types of wired gaming headsets, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some popular wired gaming headsets include the PC-Gaming Headset by Corsair, the Astro A50 Gaming Headset by Logitech, and the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset.

Each headset has its own advantages and disadvantages. The PC-Gaming Headset by Corsair is a great option for PC gamers because it has an adjustable audio cable and a detachable microphone. However, some users find the ear cups to be uncomfortable due to their size.

The Astro A50 Gaming Headset by Logitech is great for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers because it has a deep circular sound field that envelopes your ears, making you feel more immersed in the game. However, some users find that the headband is too tight, making it difficult to wear for extended periods of time.

The HyperX Cloud II is perfect for gamers who want to hear all of the action in their games without having to get up from their seat or take off their helmet. It also comes with an onboard noise cancellation mic that makes it perfect for online multiplayer games.

Comparison of Wired Gaming Headset Brands

In today’s post, we will be discussing the different types of wired gaming headsets and their respective superiority when compared to each other. We will also provide a comparison of the most popular wired gaming headsets on the market.

First off, let’s look at what a typical wired gaming headset includes: the headset itself, an audio cable, and a mic. All of these components need to be connected in order for the gamer to experience any sound from their game.

A few key differences between wired and wireless gaming headsets are that wireless headsets allow you to move around while playing, while wired headsets require players to stay stationary.

When it comes to audio quality, both wired and wireless gaming headsets have their pros and cons. Wired headphones give louder audio with better clarity than wireless headphones do; however, they can sometimes be more expensive.

Wireless headphones tend to offer better audio quality for online games because there is no latency or interference from external factors like other gamers.

Some people may find that wirelessly-connected gaming headsets produce better bass response thanwired ones do; this is especially true for games such as shooters or fighting games where having accurate sound effects is critical.

XBox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii wired gaming headsets

There’s no arguing that wired gaming headsets are the way to go when it comes to console gaming. They offer better sound quality, offer more convenient cable management, and feel more immersive than their wireless counterparts. But which one is the best?

Here’s a comparison of three of the most popular wired gaming headsets on the market:

XBox One: The Xbox One wired gaming headset is probably the most popular option out there. It’s widely available, affordable, and features great sound quality. However, some users have reported issues with the microphone not working properly or interference from other electronics in the room.

PlayStation 4: The PlayStation 4 wired gaming headset is another great option. It offers great sound quality and some users report that it has a much better mic than the Xbox One headset. However, it can be more difficult to find and may be more expensive than the Xbox One option.

Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii wired gaming headset is a unique option that may be worth considering if you’re looking for an unconventional choice. It offers good audio quality but some users report that it can be difficult to get connected to Wi-Fi and that it doesn’t provide as good of a spatial experience as other options.

PCs with a USB port wired gaming headsets

PCs with a USB port wired gaming headsets are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because they allow gamers to game without having to worrying about any pesky cables getting in the way.

Not only that, but many of these headsets also come with built-in speakers so you can get a perfect audio experience while playing. Which PC gaming headset is the best for you depends on your specific needs, which we’ll go through below.

If you want to play games on your computer using a USB headset, then the ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 410 is definitely the best choice for you. It comes with a plethora of features, including DTS 5.1 Sound, Lucid Sound 3 software for amazing audio quality, and easy-to-use amp controls. Plus, its lightweight design means it won’t weigh down your system too much.

If you’re looking for an affordable wired gaming headset that will still give you great sound quality, then the Corsair HS40 might be a better option for you. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the other headsets on this list, but it still performs well overall. Plus, it’s very affordable so it won’t break the bank either.

If high-quality sound is important to you and you don’t mind spending a bit more money on your gaming gear, then the HyperX Cloud II might be worth considering. It has incredible audio quality and comes with a range of features, such as DTS:X support and automatic noise cancellation. Plus, it’s durability is amazing so you can use it for years to come without worrying about it breaking.

The final option on this list is the Razer Kraken 7.1 Gaming Headset. It comes with a ton offeatures, including 7.1 virtual surround sound, anti-microbial fabric padding, braided fiber cable, and detachable microphone. Plus, its large ear cups provide great sound quality even when you’re playing for hours on end.


Now that you know a bit more about gaming headsets, it’s time to decide which one is best for you. If you play on a PC, the Logitech G35 Live will be your best bet. It has great sound quality and comes with an adjustable mic so that everyone in your game can hear what you’re saying.

For gamers who also use their headsets for music or VOIP calls, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is perfect because of its superb audio quality and noise-cancelling design. Although it’s not as versatile as some of the other gaming headsets on the market, it’s definitely worth considering if sound quality is your top priority.

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