Noise Cancelling in Wireless Gaming Headsets: How it Works

Gamers know how important it is to be fully immersed in their virtual world, but that can quickly be shattered by the sound of a barking dog or noisy neighbors. Fortunately, noise-canceling technology has come to rescue us from unwanted surrounding sounds.

As one of the most sought-after features in gaming headsets, noise-canceling capabilities have revolutionized the way gamers enjoy their favorite games.

In this blog post, we will dive into what makes wireless gaming headsets with noise cancellation tick and how they work to provide unparalleled audio clarity even in the noisiest environments. So pop on your headphones and get ready for an ultimate sound experience!

How wireless gaming headsets work

There are many different ways to make wireless gaming headsets work, but all of them involve cancelling out some of the noise that your gaming headset would otherwise produce.

The basic principle behind wireless gaming headsets is simple: you have a microphone array that picks up sound from your computer and sends it directly to the speakers on the headset.

However, because there is always random interference going on in the air, the mic can’t always pick up the sound exactly as it was originally sent. This is where the noise Cancelling comes in.

Wireless gaming headsets use software to analyse the audio and identify where the interference is coming from. Then, they use algorithms to cancel it out so that the audio on the headset is as close to what was actually sent from your computer as possible.

Different types of noise cancelling

Noise cancelling technology is a big part of wireless gaming headsets, and for good reason. A lot of noise comes from the environment around us- from other people, vehicles and even background music.

Noise cancelling tech uses audio processing to essentially “cancel out” certain sounds, making it easier to focus on the game or audio experience.

Active noise cancelling technology has two main types- active equalization and passive noise cancellation.

Active equalization adjusts the audio signal to cancel out certain frequencies of noise, while passive noise cancellation uses microphones and other sensors to “listen” for specific noises and then silence them.

Noise cancelling technology is great for gaming headsets because it can make the experience much more enjoyable. It can also help to reduce distractions, which can make it easier to focus on the game.

What to look for in a noise cancelling headset

When it comes to gaming headsets, finding one that can effectively cancel out ambient noise is important. A good noise cancelling headset will help to reduce the amount of background noise that is disturbing your gameplay experience.

There are a few different things to look for when selecting a noise cancelling headset:

First, it is important to consider the microphone quality. A good mic will be able to capture clear sound and will block out other noises accordingly.

Second, check the headphone size and shape. It is important that they fit comfortably on your head so you can maintain concentration while gaming.

Third, make sure the headset has good sound quality overall. Not all noise cancelling headphones are created equal and some may only reduce background noises, not improve the audio quality of your games .

Our picks for the best wireless gaming headsets

Noise cancelling technology is becoming more and more popular in wireless gaming headsets, as it effectively eliminates the background noise that can make games less enjoyable. We’ve put together a list of the best noise cancelling headsets available on the market right now, so you can find the perfect set for your needs.

  • Our first pick is the HyperX Cloud Flight PC Gaming Headset. This headset features integrated noise cancelling technology and a detachable mic, making it great for online gaming.

The sound quality is good, and the headset is easy to use; you just need to plug in the included USB cable andascular/Noise-canceling Microphone 350 Ohms Impedance For Cell PhonesXbox games Headsets mikrofon with Game Chat- RGB light wi-fi receiver (Black)

  • Our next pick is the Sennheiser CX 265 Gaming Headset. This headset features excellent sound quality, thanks to its stereo speakers. The microphone also has good quality, making it great for voice chat. The only downside of this headset is that it does not feature integrated noise cancelling technology.
  • Next up on our list is the SteelSeries Arctis 7 PC Gaming Headset. This headset features great soundquality and high sensitivity rates, meaning that it will correctly detect even low tones from your game audio. It also comes with integrated noise cancelling technology, which makes it one of the most effective wireless gaming headsets on the market .
  • Our final pick is the PC World Wireless Gaming Headset. This headset features a detachable mic and noise cancelling technology, making it great for online gaming. The sound quality is also good, and the headset is easy to use; you just need to plug in the included USB cable.

All of these headsets are great choices for wireless gaming, and each offers its own unique advantages. We recommend choosing one that fits your needs best.

Some common noise cancelling headphones

Some common noise cancelling headphones include Bose QuietComfort 25, Sennheiser HD 205 II, and Sony MDR-Z7. They use sound cancellation to cut out ambient noise so you can listen to your music or video without being disturbed.

The technology works by detecting the noise around you and then generating a new set of sounds that are inaudible to the ears. This creates a “bubble” of silence which blocks out the unwanted noise.

The effectiveness of these headphones depends on a few factors, including the quality of the noise cancelling technology, your audio settings, and the type of headphones you are using.

Some gaming headsets like Microsoft’s Xbox One Mix Adapter offer Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound support which increases its overall ability to block out ambient noise.


Wireless gaming headsets are becoming more common, especially in homes with children. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of this increased popularity is that users are dealing with increasingly loud noises from their games.

One way to combat this problem is by using a noise cancelling headset. This article will teach you everything you need to know about how noise cancelling works and which ones offer the best results.

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